: : :  P E A R L   W O R K S H O P S  : : :

Take part in an exclusive  O R A  P E A R L S  W O R K S H O P with our founder, pearl specialist B I B I  S O U T H W E L L at our Chelsea store. 

Are you planning an event like a hen do, birthday party or just a fun get together with your girlfriends, then an ORA Pearl Workshop could be the ideal exclusive event for your group. The ORA shop is based in Chelsea, however the location can be flexible, and there is a minimum group number so please contact us for further details at hello@orapearls.com.

: : :  W H A T  I S  I N V O L V E D  : : :

 Bibi will give a small talk on pearls - the history, the different types and culturing process. She will show you examples of the pearl producing oyster and mussel shells, along with examples of different types of pearls, including Freshwater, Tahitian, Akoya and South Sea.

Bibi will then teach you to string and knot your very own freshwater pearl bracelet for you to take home with you. There will be various pearls of shapes and sizes available for you to select from to create your own design.

: : :  W H A T  W I L L  B E  P R O V I D E D  : : :

  • A refreshing drink will be provided on arrival and tea will be served.
  • All stringing materials, findings and pearls will be provided.
  • You will receive a personalised discount code to use on the ORA and ARO websites if you wish to make any jewellery purchases.
  • You will receive a beautiful rose gold ORA Pearl Pen to take away with you.